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Catnip, Reuseable, Sleeve - Cat Toys

Catnip, Reuseable, Sleeve - Cat Toys

$12.00 Regular Price
$6.00Sale Price

This toy is a Cat's Catnip Dream!

Our Catnip Sleeve is designed to bring out the hunter in cats at any age.

Comes with a thick soft polyester fabric sleeve and a  tube of organic ground catnip.

Pour catnip into sleeve, tie a knot and it’s ready for your cat to enjoy. Soft furry sleeve is 10" long 2” wide.

This catnip toy is reusable and machine washable (remove catnip before washing sleeve, once dry put fresh catnip in sleeve and tie a knot).

My cats carry these toys around in their mouths, lie on them, lick and rub their face against them - Cat tested and cat approved.

Comes in 9 animal print colors and patterns - you will receive a selection of colors.

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