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Pets are such a big a part of our lives they deserve to be spoiled and Whiskers ‘n Paws Unique Pet Gifts has plenty in store for them. Since 2002, I have been creating handmade pet toys, apparel, and gifts for local pet shops and animal lovers around the world, and am very excited to share my work with you. I believe that even domestic pets have the drive to hunt. That’s why I make my toys with natural materials to bring out their instinctual habits, to hunt, play and use all their senses, leading to happier dogs and cats. Plus, all of my dog toys and beds are machine washable and pet tested and approved, so when you shop at Whiskers ‘n Paws, you and your four-legged friend will have nothing but fun, unforgettable experiences.


To My Pet Sitting Clients -

It has been my absolute passion and pleasure for the last 20 years to care for your pets while not only getting to know them, but their families as well. You can imagine the sadness is brings me to tell you I will be retiring from pet sitting on March 31, 2022.

I will continue my online handmade pet gift and toy business. You can always see what I’m up to and replenish your pets toys here and on my social media pages. I look forward to receiving your emails to know how you and your pets are doing!

Thank you for your business, friendship and for sharing your pets with me, I will always be grateful.

  • How long have you been in business?
    Since 2002, I have been creating handmade pet toys, apparel, and gifts for local pet shops and animal lovers around the world.
  • Where are you based?
    Madison Lake, MN.
  • Where can I buy your products?
    Our website, Etsy, stores near you, and wholesale on!
  • Where do you get your rabbit fur?
    I have put much thought into where and how the animals are raised and treated that will become part of my cat toys. I have developed a 20+ year relationship with my suppliers.   I purchase my rabbit fur, leather and feathers in large qty and have four sources in the US and one source in China, my sources all treat rabbits humanity they are farm raised and all parts of rabbit are used, meat and hides so nothing is wasted. No formamide is used in the tanning process. Our rooster feathers are from poultry processing plants in California and Indiana, I buy from 2 family owned businesses who hand-wash the feathers and no chemicals are used in cleaning of feathers. I use goat leather that is tanned with a vegan process so no chemicals are used on hides my supplier in a family owned business in New York.
  • Do you sell wholesale?
    Yes! Please visit the wholesale section on my website.
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