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Belly Band Liners, disposable, reusable, male & female liners

Belly Band Liners, disposable, reusable, male & female liners


4" x 4" DISPOSABLE LINERS to be used in our x-small and small belly bands. Breathable soft microfiber material keeps your dog drier, pads great for adding extra absorbency for dogs that are incontinent or marking.

REUSABLE WASHABLE LINERS are available in sizes to fit all of our male belly bands. Machine wash/dry.
We make our reusable liners with 4 layers of US made sustainable, eco-friendly materials.
1 wicking layer (touching the skin) to pull wetness away from skin.
2 layers of super absorbency material that rapidly absorbs and holds fluids.
1 layer that absorbs fluids through one side with a waterproof layer on the other side.
VELCRO STICKY-BACK OVALS (0.75 x 1 inch) for Fabrics - Beige in color, easy-to-apply, peel-and-stick fasteners that provide a permanent bond to fabrics. These low-profile knit oval fasteners withstand laundering. If you don't want to use the fastener you can just place liner inside belly band and snap buckle over back.

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