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Felt Dog Bone Toy, handmade from 100% New Zealand Wool

Felt Dog Bone Toy, handmade from 100% New Zealand Wool

$12.00 Regular Price
$6.00Sale Price

These brown bones (5" long) are fun for small or medium size dogs.  
They are handmade by Women Artisans in Nepal using 100% Wool from New Zealand and are exclusively made for Whiskers 'n Paws Unique Pet Gifts. 
These Bones are AZO free and only non-toxic dyes are used to color the wool.
The smell of Lanolin is very relaxing to pets. Lanolin is the surplus fat that comes from the skin of sheep and protects the wool, and the sheep. Lanolin in the wool is anti-microbial and odor resistant which keeps these toys naturally clean.  

Wool is a natural product making them bio-degradable and eco-friendly. This makes wool felted products safe not only for you and your pets but for Mother Earth too.

When your felt  bones have minor dirt or drool on them you can clean them with Dawn dish soap, cold water and a soft brush, reshape to their original shape and let them dry in sunlight or air dry. Do not be rough while rubbing. Do not use high heat, dryer/hairdryer and rigid brushes. Do not bleach.

SUPERVISOR YOUR PET WHEN INTRODUCING THEM TO THESE FELT TOYS. A SMALL PERCENTAGE OF CATS/DOGS WITH PICA LIKE TO EAT WOOL. (Pica is when cats and dogs eat non-food objects and ingesting these can cause serious health concerns)


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