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Mini Franny, Stress Reducing Toy, Anxiety Reducing Aide

Mini Franny, Stress Reducing Toy, Anxiety Reducing Aide

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Is your pet sad, lonely, scared or stressed when separated from you?

Mini Franny was designed to help reduce stressful situations and give your pet a sense of familiarity, peace and contentment. 

How can a toy do this you ask? 

Whether you’re leaving for work, have a family member heading off to college or boarding your pet  - it’s time to bring out Mini Franny. Take a small article of your clothing like your sock, mitten, etc.  (make sure the article has been recently worn so your scent is on it when you place it inside of Mini Franny, I put a small velco closure on Mini Franny to hold items inside. Give Mini Franny to your pet and let Mini Franny keep your pet company when you can’t be with them.

Mini Franny is 7.5" x 7.5" long, cream color sherpa fleece with a camel color micro faux suede on inside.  

Machine Washable

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